What are the Best Gloves For Surgery?

All surgeries require the use of gloves. All surgeries require the use of gloves. . This is used to prevent contamination to both the caregivers and the patient. Usually, only disposable gloves are used during surgeries. The type of gloves used for a surgery is different from those used in the medical examination practice. Vinyl gloves can be used in examinations whereas surgery will require more durable gloves that should be resistant to tearing.

Latex Surgical Gloves

Latex gloves are mostly used in surgery settings. They have better durability than the vinyl gloves which are widely used for medical examinations. The latex gloves also are more tight fitting. This makes it easy for long usage, as some surgeries can last many hours. The tight fitting also gives better dexterity for handling delicate instruments. Latex gloves have good biological resistance and hence prevent contamination.

Latex surgical gloves were first used in 1889 and were made a common  practice at the John Hopkins Hospital in 1894. The first disposable surgical gloves were made in 1964.

Powder-Free Gloves

Most of the latex gloves come with powder inside for easy wearing. Latex is a sticky material and hence is difficult to wear. The powder used inside is cornstarch. This prevents sticking and makes wearing the gloves easy. However, surgery requires powder-free gloves. Even if it is cornstarch a little of it on the tissues could delay or hinder the healing process. Hence there was a requirement by the FDA that only powder-free medical surgical gloves are allowed.

Powdering of latex gloves normally make the removing of gloves easier. Manufacturers make the gloves inside out and rinse them. The best way to remove power and make the gloves easier to wear was by chlorination. This is done by using chlorine gas or a mixture of hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid.

The chlorination process not only removed the powder but also reduced the tackiness of the surface of the latex. This made the gloves easier to wear. However, there are more modern methods used to make the gloves easier to wear. Manufacturers are using polymers like silicone, hydro-gels, and acrylics to coat the inside of the latex gloves. These are coated on the glove formers when manufacturing. This makes the medical latex surgical gloves easy to wear. 

Sterile Gloves

Surgical gloves are always sterile. This helps to prevent any kind of contamination. Normally these are more expensive than the non-sterile gloves because of the strict quality controls enforced when making these gloves.

The medical latex surgical gloves are the best suited for surgeries if the user doesn’t have a latex allergy.