Informational Article: All About Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves

Latex Gloves are typically disposable gloves made out of 100% latex and are often found to be often used in the medical industry. Apart from medical purpose uses, it is also preferred for a versatile range of domestic and industrial purposes as well.  Latex gloves are easily available in both forms that are un-powdered and powdered materials. They are highly resistant to most chemicals, and latex gloves are also known for their durability.

Characteristically latex gloves are more elastic in nature than nitrile gloves and comparatively better puncture resistant when compared to vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are mostly preferred over other materials due to the comfortable fit, grip and elasticity.

Latex Medical Exam Gloves

When comfort, durability as well as improved sensibility matter most, latex medical exam gloves are a great choice. They offer high levels of protection in medical usage and are safe for uses related to direct body fluid or even for medical laboratory work.  This ensures that there is no kind of contamination scope from the handling bodily fluids. Therefore, clinical usage and lab usage in medical purposes extensively prefer latex glove.  They are also highly resistant to abrasion, tearing and ripping, and this is the reason why they confirm to be strong durability.  Because of their comfort and fitting grip, latex gloves are often called a “second skin”.

However due to many people having latex allergies, a lot of alternative types of gloves are available on the market. Sometimes healthcare workers might experience skin irritation or redness as a symptom of having an allergy to latex.

  • Preferred for Surgical Uses
  • Comprehensive Durability
  • Comfortable fit
  • Good grip
  • High sensitivity
  • Mid-range protection level

Black Latex Gloves

Good for use in bio-hazardous conditions are dyed black latex gloves.  Though not sterile, they are protective against bacteria and viruses. Most importantly, black latex gloves do not show stains, which make them a perfect choice for many industry uses where work activities can get messy.  From tattoo artists to beauticians, from automotive technicians to chemical workers, these are some of the industries that involve stains, grease marks etc., which can be avoided with the use of black latex gloves.

General Purpose Latex Gloves

One of the most practical benefits of choosing general purpose latex gloves over any other glove is that these are highly abrasion resistant which means whether you use it for domestic use, rough garage use, or even for handling messy materials or other industrial general use, they do not tear easily. These are also preferred when handling water based materials or biological materials, due to their protection against bacteria and contamination.