How Are Vinyl Gloves Better?

Gloves are typically made from latex, vinyl, and nitrile. All these have their own advantages and disadvantages. However, over the years vinyl gloves have been found to be the most usefulness for may industries. They are used in light hospital procedures, food industry, light grooming procedures, home cleaning and to handling of items which one may be allergic to. Vinyl gloces are the most popular of all the three types of gloves and there are good reasons for that.

 What Are Vinyl Gloves

Vinyl gloves are made from a material called Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. As PVC is a hard and rigid material, a plasticizing material is added to make it more flexible. These gloves are cheap to manufacture when compared to other types of gloves. This can be used in places where much durability is not required. This is ideal for use in places where there is a high turnover of gloves, because of its low cost.

 Uses Of Vinyl Gloves

 Vinyl gloves are used extensively in the food industry. There is no need for much durability and these gloves will be of much use there. They are cheap and so can be disposed of after each use. They have a fairly lose fit, so it is comfortable for most people. The food industry is the biggest user for these gloves.

Vinyl gloves are also used in medical examinations where much durability is not required. Here again, the low cost makes them ideal for disposable use. They keep the hands safe from contamination. They have a fairly good protection against punctures and have low wear and tear.

Vinyl gloves can also be used in places where hazardous chemicals are not handled. They give you adequate protection against many chemicals too. They can be used in salons while grooming. They are also used by painters to avoid having their hands stained by paint.

 Advantages Of Using Vinyl Gloves

The primary advantage remains the economic savings. Vinyl gloves hardly cause any allergy and so are very useful for people having a latex allergy. Because of its anti-static properties, these gloves are good to work with wires and cables. They give your hands adequate protection when handling chemicals and oils.

Vinyl gloves are the most versatile because of their non-allergic nature and flexibility to use in many industries. Their biological and chemical resistances make them good for use in hospitals where there is a need for large numbers of gloves.