Construction Gloves and General All Purpose Work Gloves

Construction is one of the hardest and dangerous professions, as most of the time you are not just supervising and managing the entire work but also doing hands-on work. It is dangerous because there is a high chance of getting hurt and injured while working. From assisting in cutting to carrying heavy and pointy tools, from working with electrical wires to handling the cement, it can be unsafe and very risky. Most of the companies know better than to let their workers work without any safety gear, however, it is important for those who do not provide their workers with any safety gears to at least provide the construction workers with the work and safety gloves that they are in need of.

Work gloves are the most important safety gear for not only construction work but also any kind of work that involves working with sharp and risky equipment or tools with your hands. There are several shops as well as online supply websites from where you can get your hands on some amazing and cheap safety gloves, one such website is The Glove Closet.

If you are a newbie and have no idea which gloves you should be buying, just think about the kind of work in the construction field that you do, like cutting things – wood, tiles, etc., handling the electrical wires, working with the cement, or some other task. According to these jobs, you can check out the work gloves that suit you and your job. For example; there are several multi-purpose gloves which can be used for almost everything or you can purchase a pair of general work gloves, such as;

Cowhide Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Tronex Multipurpose Flock Lined Latex Gloves

Light Duty Multi Purpose Work Gloves

Cotton Multi Purpose Work Gloves

Universal Tool Work Gloves Leather Palm

Nylon Work Gloves Flex Latex Coated Palm

The above-mentioned are just a few of the work gloves available in the market, there are many more on The Glove Closet website. It is important that the construction workers especially wear these gloves as around 70% of the injuries the construction worker face are hand injuries.