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The Importance of Wearing Gloves

In our everyday personal and professional lives, we often have to do certain chores and tasks that require extra precaution and safety. The Glove Closet – Your one-stop shop for all gloves!

What are the Best Gloves For Surgery?

All surgeries require the use of gloves. This is used to prevent contamination to both the caregivers and the patient. Usually, only disposable gloves are used during surgeries. The type of gloves used for a surgery is different from those used in the medical examination practice.

How Are Vinyl Gloves Better?

Vinyl gloves are made from a material called Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC. As PVC is a hard and rigid material, a plasticizing material is added to make it more flexible. These gloves are cheap to manufacture when compared to other types of gloves. 

Informational Article: All About Nitrile Gloves

Informational Article: All About Nitrile Gloves
Nitrile gloves are typically made out of a synthetic material which is similar to latex but a safer alternative. Nitrile gloves offer distinct resistance against punctures which make it a great choice for medical lab techs, dentists, pharmacists and medical professionals.

Informational Article: All About Latex Gloves

All About Latex Gloves
Characteristically latex gloves are more elastic in nature than nitrile gloves and comparatively better puncture resistant when compared to vinyl gloves. Latex gloves are mostly preferred over other materials due to the comfortable fit, grip and elasticity.

Food Handling Gloves

Food handling gloves must be made from substances that have been recognized to be safe for use while packaging food.

Everything You Need to Know About Medical Exam Gloves

There are two main kinds of medical gloves: surgical gloves and exam gloves. Exam gloves are used while carrying out everyday tasks such as handling sensitive materials and while examining patients. Surgical gloves come in sterile packing and they promise a perfect fit or precise sizing.

Construction Gloves and General All Purpose Work Gloves

Work gloves are the most important safety gear for not only construction work but also any kind of work that involves working with sharp and risky equipment or tools with your hands.

Latex, Nitrile and Vinyl Gloves - What's The Difference? When To Use?

Which glove is best? When should the be used? It can be challenging to decide which gloves can help you gain the best results especially when you have a variety of different materials available in the market.